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Senin, 15 November 2010

Solutions to Install Windows XP on New Notebook

      Microsoft Corporation claims that sales of Windows 7 has reached 250 million licenses. This may be supported by the cheapening of the Notebook that bundled with a package of Windows 7. But the facts prove, it turns out Windows XP still much prefered, especially by companies in the USA and Europe with a ratio of 10 : 1. This as evidence that Windows XP is still feasible to use.

Solutions to Install Windows XP on New Notebook

      There are some people complain because the new Notebook can't be installed Windows XP, but can only be installed with Windows 7 or Vista, for example ... HP Compaq 510. This is funny and real ... maybe they don't know that the latest product of Notebook have included SATA Harddisk, while the Windows XP installer doesn't have SATA drivers. This is a main problem.
      Well, in the article are some tips "How to install Windows XP on new Notebook".
1. Open the BIOS Settings, look for Native Sata Mode - then select Disable
2. For other Notebook, the BIOS Settings on SATA Mode : AHCI / EHCI -
    change it to Compatible

Insya Allah ... Windows XP can be installed on new Notebook

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