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Jumat, 12 November 2010

Find The Torrent Files Quickly with Torrent Fetcher 1.03

      Some time ago, I've written several articles about torrent on " Dances with Torrent 1 , 2 and 3 ". Told about ... what is the torrent, some website contains torrent files, and how to download it. You can download according to need you. And now ... you can search and find the torrent files quickly with Torrent Fetcher.
      Torrent Fetcher 1.03 was made by Peter Souza, it very simple ... just with enter keyword, you can find 50 torrent files.

Features :
- Auto-update keep you current with the latest chages and fixes
- Automatically move downloaded torrents to specified output directory
- Automatically launch downloaded torrents
- Know which torrent files you already have in your downloaded folder through
  automatic highlighting
- Minimize-to-tray option to keep the utility handy at all times
- Result highlighting lets you know if a torrent is well or poorly seeded or if it has
  negative comments left about it
- Right-click to open torrent details
- Search through multiple pages of torrents at once
- Short and group torrents for quickly

So ... don't waste time, let try this application.
1. Download here, and then install application
2. After finish, it will open the Torrent Fetcher
Find The Torrent Files Quickly with Torrent Fetcher 1.03

3. Enter keyword in Search field, select Categories then click Search
Find The Torrent Files Quickly with Torrent Fetcher 1.03

4. Select torrent file by right-click, there are 2 options :
    a. Download torrent
        Download will start after the completion torrent file downloaded
        (click Torrents menu - check at the Start immediately after download) 
    b. Open torrent details (launches browser)
        To view details torrent file in website
    Find The Torrent Files Quickly with Torrent Fetcher 1.03
5. Enjoy brothers ...

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2 komentar:

  1. gan, di kompi ane kog torrentfletchernya failed, ga bisa dibuka...knp y?

  2. pake OS apa? slama ini kami gunain XP ato Win 7 fine2 aja tuh ... kali OS agan ada file yg corrupt