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Senin, 25 Mei 2015

Download Windows 10 Pro Build 10122

Saat ini Windows 10 sudah sampai pada Build 10122, ini merupakan build terbaru setelah build 10074. Windows 10 Build 10122 tersedia dalam versi 32-bit dan juga versi 64-bit. Beberpa fitur dihadirkan seperti "Backup and Restore" ditambahkan kembali dari Windows 7, "Play to" diganti namanya menjadi Cast to Device dan tombol Feedback pada Cortana.

Download Windows 10 Pro Build 10122

Berikut fitur yang ada pada Windows 10 Build 10122 :
  • Backup & restore has been readded from Windows 7
  • "Play to" has been renamed "Cast to Device"
  • In China, users can now choose between Cortana and Huna
  • Cortana now has a Feedback button
  • The "Expand start" button has been removed
  • Support for jumplists
  • "Places" has been removed
  • File Explorer and Settings are now shown above Power options
  • Start will now give a suggestion for new apps
Tablet improvements
  • The apps list is no longer displayed onscreen by default
  • Tiles are displayed larger
  • There is now a global back button
  • Tiles can now follow the user's accent color
  • Apps will now display the back-button int the titlebar when required, tablets will show this button in the taskbar
  • Switch-buttons and sliders have received a new design
  • The window border chrome has been updated
  • Project Spartan has been renamed Edge and has a new icon
  • There is a new Internet Explorer-like New tabs page
  • There is a new MSN.com-like New tabs page
  • Edge can now save passwords and forms
  • Edge now supports InPrivate browsing
  • Improvements to the Edge render engine

Windows 10 Build 10122 dapat anda download via torrent berikut :

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