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Minggu, 01 Juli 2012

Download NVIDIA GeForce Driver For Windows 8

NVIDIA released WHQL-Certified GeForce Driver for upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. NVIDIA just released GeForce 302.82 WHQL for desktop GPU running on Windows 8 Release Preview. But for notebook GPU, maybe will coming soon and continue using the GeForce 302.80 which has been out since 15th June.

Download NVIDIA GeForce Driver For Windows 8

WHQL-certified GeForce 302.82 doesn't appear to come with contingent of performance updates, at least not according to its release notes document. It's likely to be based on Release Driver 302, with Microsoft WHQL certification for Windows 8. This driver is meant only for Windows 8, and shouldn't be use with Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

Download link :

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