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Senin, 09 Januari 2012

Linus Torvalds Released Linux Kernel 3.2

Father of Linux, Linus Torvalds has officially released Linux Kernel 3.2 at 5 January 2012. He wrote this statement : "I delayed 3.2 first a few days to wait for the final linux-next ("final" in the sense that that's what I'll fetch to decide whether something has been in linux-next for 3.3 or not), and then some more as people were coming back from holidays and sorting out some regressions. So we do have a few last-minute reverts and small fixes."

Linus Torvalds Released Linux Kernel 3.2

"Still, there's not a whole lot of changes since -rc7 (shortlog appended), and almost all of them are *tiny*. So despite the few annoying last-minute reverts, I'm feeling pretty happy about it", he added.

Source : gmane.org

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